5. KOŠICE-MISKOLC Ultramarathon – Competitors’ instructions

The Competitor must arrive at the starting area behind or next to the start line at least 10 minutes before the start time published in the race notice and check-in there, unless otherwise specified by the race organizer.
Starting signal: horn
After the start, the peloton will be led and escorted by marshals, police officers and MRCC cyclists.
The race will be run on the BAL side of the road, if possible, following the rules of the Highway Code! Cycling escorts are ONLY allowed on the JOBB side of the road!
It is the responsibility of the team to transport the riders to and from the transition points with their escort cars. Escort cars are not allowed to accompany the runner during the run on each stage!
The field will be accompanied by medical services (ambulances). If any member of the medical staff considers that the Competitor is not fit to continue the race, he/she may have his/her race number taken off and be disqualified from the race.
Competitors will be escorted by a closing car, after the level time of each stage, the changing points will be closed by the Race Jury and the route to these points will be closed (detailed times in the time schedule!)
Changeover is only allowed at the designated changeover point!
The Competitor declares that he/she will start the 5th Kassa-Miskolc Ultramarathon in good health, at his/her own risk, and for the distance and category of his/her choice, physically and mentally fit. The Organizer is not responsible for any deterioration of his/her health.


The participant acknowledges that he/she may be photographed during the event. The participant consents to the taking and use of the images and recordings and acknowledges that they may be used by the Organiser for communication, marketing and promotional purposes, in advertising films and in the media.
The signing and handing over of the Declaration of Liability at the race office is a prerequisite for the inclusion of the start package for teams, individual competitors and pairs. It is important to note that for teams, once the Declaration of Liability has been signed, there is no possibility of changing members. To pick up an individual and relay start pack, an ID card or a power of attorney signed by two witnesses is required.
The route of the race will be marked by signs with black arrows on a yellow background, red marker tape on a white background and spray-painted markings on the asphalt. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the competitor running the stage to follow the route. The course will be assisted by the organisers, the police, the police, the police constables and the public order officers, whose instructions the competitors must follow in all cases.
Runners at the front of the race may be accompanied by a motorcyclist within sight to ensure accurate timings. In the event of a malfunction of the timing system, the motorcycle escorts will manually record the time lost at the points and the time lost at the level crossings.
Participants shall follow the instructions of the staff directing the traffic at level crossings. When the red light is red, passing is forbidden and life-threatening, and any rider who fails to do so will be immediately disqualified!
During the race, the number plate will be worn in front of the participant. Anyone who folds, covers, does not wear his/her number plate in front or in a conspicuous manner during the race will be disqualified by the Jury.

The Court of Justice may also disqualify anyone who fails to complete the entire distance set by the Organisers, fails to complete the entry form and the Declaration of Liability accurately or truthfully, or fails to complete the form and the Declaration of Liability correctly.

The Competitor acknowledges that the Organisers will provide refreshments at all relay points. Any rubbish generated during the race may only be disposed of at the refreshment and changeover points, from where it will be removed by the Organisers. Littering on the route is not allowed and will result in immediate disqualification.
It is FORBIDDEN to skate, run with a dog or other animal or to run without a number! The Competitor acknowledges that any breach of these rules
will be immediately disqualified.

The competitor finishes when any part of his/her torso, excluding the shoulders and hips, reaches the vertical plane passing through the front of the finish line.
The order of finish shall be decided by the Jury on the basis of the electronic timing data.
At the finish line in Košice, the local Organizers and members of the Košice Marathon Club will provide finish refreshments and showers, which can be used with the “vouchers” included in the start packet!
The Kassa finish area will also be attended by the staff of the World Athletics Championships to be held in Budapest in August 2023, who will be handing out vouchers entitling all runners to a 50% discount on entry tickets and season tickets. To do so, you must register in person, on the spot or at hetkoznapihos.hu.