Discounted (50%) ticket and season ticket price for the Athletics World Championships

🇸🇰 🇭🇺 5th KOŠICE -MISKOLC Ultramarathon 2023.04.22 🇸🇰 🇭🇺


Did you know that at the finish line of the 5th KOŠICE -MISKOLC Ultramarathon you will not only find a beautiful medal?

All finishers will receive a discount coupon, which will allow you to buy tickets or even season tickets for the World Championships at a 50% discount!


What do you need to do? Register in advance at and after the race, look for the World Championships stand at the venue! There they will immediately confirm your completion and the discount coupon will appear in your account! If you can’t pre-register, you can still register at the booth and you will receive a unique code that you can use later to prove that you participated.


With each coupon you can buy 4 tickets or season tickets to the World Athletics Championships at half price!
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