Miskolc – Kosice Track Description

From the starting point on Szent István square in the center of Miskolc, we turn right onto Széchenyi pedestrian street, which we continue along to the eastern end of the historic downtown. Arriving at Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, we continue straight ahead on the road parallel to the tram, then turn left after a railway underpass and cross the sidewalk between the Selyemrét apartment buildings. Under the road overpass, we cross over to Besenyői út, on which we drive straight north out of the city. When we reach Sajószigeti út, we turn right, and then, passing through a large intersection, continue even further, out of the residential area. Soon, at a bend in the public road to the right, we turn left onto a small dirt road that leads up to the Sajó river flood protection dam. Turning left on the dam’s grassy, dirt, and gravel road, we bypass the industrial estates of Miskolc and then pass the Miskolc airport. Later we reach Szirmabesenyő on the dam, but we also go around the settlement on the roads leading over the dam. At the far end of the inhabited parts, leaving the houses, we cross the bridge over the Sajó river, and then turn east on the public road to reach the settlement of Sajóvámos. Here is the first change point.

stage: 13.3 km, total distance: 13.3 km


We leave the cozy houses of Sajóvámos on an old asphalt and stone agricultural road, and then we go up a slight incline between the fields. After a few kilometers, we turn left onto a dirt road. (Pay attention to the black arrows and signs on a yellow background, red inscription ribbons on a white background!!!). Using the agricultural roads, we climb higher and higher with perpendicular turns, and then we reach the summit on the grassy field of the geodesic tower on the hilltop. Here, after a short “U” turn, we descend in the direction of Szikszó on a dirt road that is initially steep and then becomes more and more gentle. When you reach a gravel road, continue straight ahead, then cut through the highway construction site and you will reach an asphalt road. Turning right here, we will soon reach downtown Szikszó, where the second interchange point is located.

stage: 10.0 km, total distance: 23.3 km


Leaving the downtown part of Szikszó, we turn right at the intersections, then turn left when we reach the main road number 3. In front of the hospital, we cross the main road and the sidewalks on the right, then continue along the bike path. We cross Aszalo in a short section, then turn right at the gas station in Halmaj. Continuing along the cycle path, we arrive at Halmaj. Passing through the village and then on the public road, we reach the Hernád floodplain along beautifully cultivated areas. After Kiskinizs, we cross the Hernád river, then when we reach Hernádkércs we turn left at the soccer field. After a few hundred meters, we arrive at the third changeover point.

stage: 13.6 km, total distance: 36.9 km


We continue through the village for a long time, parallel to Hernád, and then, upon reaching the center of Felsődobsza, we turn sharply to the right and uphill. On a steep and broken asphalt road, we make large “s” bends and climb up to the castle hill in Upper Dobsza. When we reach the top, we fall over the flattened ridge and through a very long straight section, we descend along a sloping road into Abaújszánto, where we turn left on reaching highway 39. We will soon reach the transition point at the Church of Our Lady of the Fruit-bearing Fruits.

stage: 12.8 km, total distance: 49.7 km


we cross baújszolnok, then leave it after the railway station. With a short detour we reach Abaújkér on the road heading north. Continue straight, parallel to the railway tracks, while a great panorama shows the proud castle of Boldogkővár. We cross the railway and, after a slight rise, keep to the left and roll down a fast slope into Vizsoly, where the next changeover point is in the parking lot next to the Vizsolyi Bible display area.

stage: 13.3 km, total distance: 63.0 km


Out of Vizsoly, on the public road, we touch Vilmány and Göncruszka, and then we arrive at the outer parts of Gönc between cozy rows of trees. Shortly before the railroad crossing, we turn right onto a broken asphalt road, and then, upon reaching Gönc, we continue straight on Ipartelep út. After the railway crossing, turn right onto Petőfi Sándor Street, which flows into Kossuth Lajos Street. We continue along the main road past the Pálffy Castle, after which we soon reach the next interchange located at the Cultural Center.

stage: 12.2 km, total distance: 75.2 km


From here we continue our journey on the main road in Gönc towards Telkibánya. Leaving the small town, the track leads past peach plantations. Before Telkibánya, you can see a small lake, before which you have to turn left. Here we head towards Abaújvár on a newly built cycle path. Then we descend to Abaújvár on a steep, winding route, from where more climbs follow. When we reach the Pányok fork, we turn left, after which our path finally becomes a slope. We will soon reach Kéked, where the next changeover point is also located.

stage: 12.5 km, total distance: 87.7 km


After a sharp, U-turning left turn, continue down the high-quality asphalt road, then after a long curved right turn, we reach the Slovakian-Hungarian border, from where we continue straight ahead and reach Abaújnádasd. (Trstenépri Hornáde) Leaving the village, we go straight to Hernádzsadány (Ždaňa), where we turn right in the center. We leave the village on another and the last climb and after a sharp left turn we are on straight and flat roads. We will soon reach Alsómislye, (Nižná Myšľa), where we take a sharp left turn off the main road and reach the switchback.

stage: 12.0 km, total distance: 99.7 km


After the transition point, we cross the Hernád on a wooden bridge, then immediately turn right onto a dirt road. From there, we follow the dirt roads along the coast of Hernád, which are also used by fishermen and cyclists. The road leads through beautiful scenery, sometimes you can see the waterfalls of Hernád or a mining lake. The road is easy to follow, but pay attention to the signs, typically keeping to the right. Leaving the shore of a larger lake, we pass under a busy road, after which we soon reach residential buildings. Here we find the last switch point.

stage: 7.7 km, total distance: 107.4 km


From here, the path leads along the long asphalted bike path along the banks of Hernád, which is either a sidewalk or a road wide. When we get to the higher apartment buildings, we take a right and a left turn to get back to the bank of the Hernád, from where a stone dam already accompanies our path. Long on the bike path, then reaching a large traffic junction, passing under the overpasses, we turn sharply left from the bank, so that the sidewalk next to Palackého út leads under the railway tracks. When you reach the large two-lane intersection, turn right, then turn left when you reach Rooseveltova Street. From there, we continue straight on and soon arrive at the DESTINATION marked on the corner of Szent Erzsébet Dóm-tér.

stage: 9.5 km, total distance: 116.9 km