Next year’s Kassa-Miskolc Ultramarathon will take place on 20 April

The Hungarian and Slovakian partners will organise the sixth edition of the 20 April 2024 the increasingly popular 117 km endurance event will take place on Saturday, 20/20 March. The opening ceremony of next year’s Kassa-Miskolc Ultramarathon international race.


Thanks to the exemplary cooperation between the two twin cities and the Slovak and Hungarian and the Hungarian and Slovak municipalities along the route, the start of the will take place in Kassan in the spring of 2024, with runners crossing the finish line in Miskolc.

The organiser Marathon Club Association, co-organiser Miskolc for Healthy Youth Foundation, the BIENNALE Nonprofit Ltd. and their number one Slovak partner, the 100th edition of the BIENNALE this year.


Kassa Marathon Club, the organisers of the highly successful Kassa Peace Marathon, is proud to announce the launch of the marathon in Kassa. long distance runners from all over the world and abroad. Kassa-Miskolc ultramarathon. The 117 km race – Kosice (Kosice), Sidliskó Krasna, Nizna Mysla (Zdana (Hernádzsadány), Trstené pri Hornáde (Abaújnádasd), Kéked, Abaújvár, Gönc, Göncruszka, Vilmány, Vizsoly, Abaújkér, Abaújszántó, Felsődobsza, Hernádkércs, Halmaj, Aszaló, Szikszó, Sajóvámos, Szirmabesenyő, Miskolc – distance can be completed individually, in pairs or in 5 and 10-member relay teams. The latter is a good opportunity It is also a good opportunity for team building, strengthening workplace, association and friendship communities.

The course of the VI Kassa-Miskolc Ultramarathon can be found here:

New next year, 5 and 10-member relay teams and pairs will be able to compete at any relay point can change at any point. You can only change at the designated change point!


The registration is now open at


You can register with the best conditions until 31 December 2023. It’s still only only a few days ago, the first entries have already been received. It is interesting to note that the first Slovakian entrant is Patrik Slivka, while the first Hungarian entrant is Szűcs János from the Hungarian side, who both want to complete the 117 km distance as individuals. The race official website of the race is available at the following link: