3. relay point Kéked

The third relay point of the 6th Košice-Miskolc Ultramarathon will be in the picturesque village of Kéked! 🌳🏞️

Kéked is located on the north-western edge of the Zemplén Mountains, near the Slovakian border. The name of the settlement dates back to 1297-1317. Kéked’s Gothic castle was built in the 15th century and later rebuilt in Renaissance style.

The route of the race is mostly on cycle paths and low-traffic roads, with some dirt roads on the Slovak and Hungarian sides. Distance: 117 km.

Join us on this special day and enjoy running in the nature while discovering the historical and natural beauties of Kéked! 🌲🏰

For more details visit the official race website: https://kosicemiskolcultramarathon.eu

📝 Race description: https://kosicemiskolcultramarathon.eu/hu/6-kosice-miskolc-ultramarathon-versenykiiras/

📋 Enter: https://registration.maratonclubmiskolc.hu/termekkategoria/6kmum/

🌍 Course: https://kosicemiskolcultramarathon.eu/hu/6-kosice-miskolc-ultramarathon-palya-leiras/